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A successful program since 2014 

"Send a Photo, Get a Quote" was created for busy professionals on-the-go.  Email us a photo of the area you would like an awning, along with your contact information, property address, and any known details to... canvasbackawnings@gmail.com.  

We reply immediately, and send you a quote within a few days.  If you like our quote, we will render a photo of your favorite awning style on the photo you send!  A design consultant on staff is available to guide you to make the process simple and fun! 

  CORPORATE LOCAL PHONE: (850) 716-4422     

 EMAIL: canvasbackawnings@gmail.com   CORPORATE MAIL: 4771 BAYOU BLVD. #187 PENSACOLA, FL 32503
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 We can lift measurements from the photos you send us down to a couple of feet. Photo must incorporate entire window, door, entranceway, or patio.  If you have measurements already, perfect!  Just indicate any known details in the email along with photos and you'll have an accurate quote ready within a few days. 


(850) 716-4422




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